January - August 2016

News 2016 (January - August)


29 Aug - 02 Sept 2016

Successful mission by the Deputy Director and Associate from Risk Management at the German Customs Investigation Bureau in Cologne for the technical requirements, SLA and finalization of the high level implementation plan the goAML Enterprise Edition implementation in Germany.


22-26 Aug 2016

  • Successful completion of a goAML Pre-production mission to the Jordan FIU.
  • Completion of a scoping mission to the Romanian FIU to meet with FIUs of Ukraine, Moldavia and Roumania and present SPMS products.
  • Completion of goAML user configuration training this week with the Head Analyst and IT Lead from Liechtenstein's FIU who were in Vienna for four days.


25-29 July 2016

Mission to update NDS in Switzerland: the mission goal is to provide the Swissmedic ( National Competent Authority)  with latest system updates on the NDS core application/updates in DB and deployment of enhancements for the NDS-I2ES integration client  ( automated data exchange with INCB) and provide hands on training to end user


18-22 July 2016

Successful goAML Pre-Production mission at the FIU of Liechtenstein, with further technical and customisation training pending to be conducted as a group training in Vienna.         


27 June - 1 July 2016

Mission of the Chair and representatives of the goAML User Community to Vienna to touch base on the plan and implementation of the roadmap agreed on at the last international User Group Meeting in Vienna in March. The scope was the strategy, operations, deliverables, functional wishes prioritisation, quality assurance and other topics relevant to the User Community.


20-24 June 2016

  • Second Meeting with the project team of the Ministry of Finance (BMF), Austria was held on 21 June to discuss goCASE response to the top-level software requirements defined MoF for deploying new investigative case management system to the fraud units and the financial police across Austria.
  • Meeting with the project team of the Austrian Financial Intelligence Unit on goAML


13-17 June 2016

Third party authentication proof of concept with extended features approved by Luxembourg FIU, needing to go through QA and official packaging in a release


03 Jun 2016

  • ITS is organizing a 4-day training session held in Vienna for the customisation of goAML for two detectives/analysts of the Ireland FIU.
  • New functional wishes list for goAML 5.0 collected from the goAML User Community.


27 May 2016

  • Upgrade mission for goAML at the Bangladesh FIU.
  • Support mission for NDS at the Ministry of Health at The Hague.


16 May 2016  20 May 2016

  • Ongoing upgrade mission by one staff in Finland to upgrade goAML to version 4.2.
  • Jointly with GPML, ongoing training/customizations mission at FMU Pakistan for goAML.


09-13 May 2016

At the request of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers, ITS participated to this joint mission with the UNODC's Office in Brussels and GPML and addressed the EU FIUs Platform on UNODC's software products for member states and our response to the 4th EU AML Directive with goAML.

The mission of the EU FIUs Platform is to provide advice and expertise to the Commission on operational issues in the context of the functions performed by Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs). To facilitate cooperation among national FIUs and exchange views on co-operation related issues such as effective international FIU co-operation, the identification of suspicious transactions with a cross-border dimension, the standardization of reporting formats through the EUROPOL's FIU.net network or its successor and the joint analysis of cross-border cases as well as trends and factors relevant to assessing money laundering and terrorist financing risks both on the national and supranational level.

Two other meetings were organized with Directorate-General for Development and Cooperation (Development Coordination Asia, Central Asia, Middle East/Gulf and Pacific - Development Coordination South and South East Asia as well as Stability, Security, Development and Nuclear Safety).


02-06 May 2016

  • The successful integration of the National Drug Control System (NDS) and International Import Export Authorization System (I2ES) and its deployment in Switzerland: the objective of the integration is to ensure that all approved import and export authorisations for narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances as well as related shipping confirmations and endorsements created by Switzerland are automatically synchronised to the INCB I2ES system using secure web services. NDS and I2ES assist Member States in complying with the requirements of the international standards for drug control as mandated by the three United Nations Drug Control Conventions.
  • A joint mission is conducted this week by the Global Programme against Money-Laundering (GPML) and the Information Technology Service (ITS) to FIU Ireland (Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation in Dublin) and the German Customs Investigation Bureau (Zollkriminalamt) in Cologne.
    The objectives of the scoping mission at the FIU Ireland is to analyse the functional requirements, environment, needs for data exchange among different stakeholders (reporting entities, Law Enforcement Agencies, regulating bodies, etc.), data format and structures of this data, and infrastructure, to assess these particular requirements and the possibilities of addressing them with goAML EE and/or other software complementary to goAML.
    Germany is changing its AML/CFT regime with a direct implication of the current police-based FIU (under the Federal Criminal Police Office or Bundeskriminalamt) which will be transformed to an administrative FIU under the Customs Investigation Bureau in Cologne (Zollkriminalamt) of the Federal Ministry of Finance. Following the successful fact finding and assessment discussions with the Federal Ministry of Finance in Berlin and the Central Customs Authority in regards to goAML, it was agreed to deploy a test environment of goAML within the Central Customs Authority in Cologne to facilitate the understanding of goAML by the German Project Coordination Team (35 persons) and to help in their decision-making process of the engagement with UNODC. The mission this week in Cologne focuses on the discussions on the new AML/CFT regime, internal business processes for an administrative FIU using large amount of data and goAML capabilities to support these processes.


25 - 29 Apr 2016

The engagement with South Africa's Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC), initiated between UNODC and the FIC in February 2013 for an implementation of goAML Enterprise Edition reached its pivotal point this week when the FIC went live with goAML. According to the FIC Compliance Department, around 215 reporting entity registrations and more than 3,000 reports were received in the first four days alone. goAML going live was announced by the Head of the FIC, Mr. Murray Mitchell, in a townhall meeting on Monday 25 April at the FIC. Mr. Mitchell believed that this is a significant and collective success for FIC, UNODC, and the User Community and he expressed his deep gratitude and appreciation in a written communication to ITS. He promised to send a formal appreciation letter to UNODC and to the wider User Community.

As one of the biggest FIUs using goAML, FIC's goAML EE implementation has been a complex project involving several reviews of the scope, deliverables, timeline and agreement in the three years prior, and the involvement of a large number of resources from the FIC composed of IT, analyst, compliance and management staff. This engagement has also kept a number of resources from ITS invested and focused on the tasks for the past several months.

Due to the size and duration of this implementation, this week's result took place no doubt under high visibility by stakeholders, the region and other FIUs. The fact that Mr. Mitchell was the head of the Egmont Group only increases this visibility of goAML and UNODC further among governments and their FIUs.


03 - 09 Apr 2016

Ongoing discussions, fact finding and assessment of requirements and security aspects for the deployment of goAML at the FIU of Germany, as it transitions from its Police operations to an administrative operation at the German Customs Investigation Bureau in Cologne (Zollkriminalamt, ZKA), Federal Ministry of Finance. Following two assessment meetings in Vienna and in Berlin, four members of the future Germany FIU visited the premises of UNODC this week to investigate and come closer to an agreement.


29 Mar 2016 - 01 Apr 2016

UNODC (GPML and ITS) is conducting a scoping mission in the Jordan Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in order to assess the readiness of the FIU to deploy goAML. In addition, a high level meeting was held today for coordinating AML/CFT assistance in the MENA Region with Focus on Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. This coordination involves UNODC (the Regional Office, GPML and ITS), IMF, World Bank, and the Senior Regional Advisor (Danish program).


21 Mar 2016 - 24 Mar 2016

  • The 3rd goAML International User Group Meeting, coordinated by its Chair, FIU The Netherlands, and hosted by UNODC, was held this week in Vienna with 61 participants from 47 countries. Among others, the Business Case was discussed by the User Community, the roles and collaboration between GPML, ITS and the Community were formalized, mid- and long-term strategies for governance of goAML, prioritization and development of new functional features, and the virtual community deployment were agreed and formalized.
  • A scoping mission was successfully conducted in FIU Angola, wherein an overview of the goAML system and its important features were presented, in addition to assessing the FIU's existing technical capability to accept goAML. FIU Angola would like to have a pre-production mission from UNODC within the next 4 months.


18 Mar 2016

  • ITS has been involved in the ongoing CND sessions to present and meet with competent authority users on the current status of adoption of the I2ES (International Import/Export System) and the National Drug Control System (NDS). In the techncial user group side events, Switzerland and Turkey presented the main advantages of the use of I2ES and NDS.
  • ITS undertook a GPML-led mission to Kenya to partcipate to the EU AML/CFT project in the Greater Horn of Africa organized on 15 March 2016 in Nairobi, at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies. The Heads of Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) in the region were briefed on goAML. Existing users of the system discussed the product and donors were briefed about the new funding structure. Some 60 participants attended from Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Eritrea and Yemen. Representative of the donor community also attended including the US, interested EU countries, Japan, Turkey, Russia, Canada, IMF, EU delegation in Nairobi, the WB regional office, and the UN regional program. As a consequence, UNODC was invited to the AML Round Table meeting with many executives of the Kenyan law enforcement community and representatives of the Presidency. Various meetings were organized with the Kenyan Financial Reporting Centre (FRC) to discuss particulars with them to deploy goAML and with the UNODC Regional Office for Eastern Africa (ROEA) to discuss software products for Members States deployment in the region in line with the Regional Programme Framework.


10 Mar 2016

upgrade of NDS and NDSWEB as well as the installation of the NDS SPA (Statistical Processing & Analysis) that Brazil will use to collect data from private companies about their domestic transactions (such as manufacturing,  domestic sales and purchases and so forth as well as stock related operations and the international trade). Brazil who only recently joined the NDS user community, will also go live with the NDSWEB system next month.


29 Feb 2016

goAML EE Deployment at FIC (South Africa). The team deployed latest goAML release in several environments for the ACTT project. Several training, customisation, performance and technical sessions were held with the involved counter parts from FIC side


15 Feb 2016

  • Two days intensive demo and informative session about goAML with Sweden, at the functional but also detailed technical level. Sweden confirmed verbally their intention to use goAML and will get back to us through formal channels in the coming weeks. SLA draft request sent to SMS to be sent to them
  • Colleagues from GPML and ITS were invited as guest speakers by the Polish Central Anti-corruption Bureau for a high level discussion with the national law enforcement community which included executives from various institutions in attendance including the police force, border guards, internal security agency, intelligence agency, military intelligence service, military counterintelligence service, customs service, financial intelligence unit, and central anti-corruption bureau. ITS achievements on evidence-based "go" family products were presented.


08 Feb 2016

  • Missions for goAML by the Cyprus FIU to UNODC to discuss support, training and the SLA, and of the Kenya FIU to compare the CTR/STR forms they will propose in their legislation
  • SPMS/GPML were invited to present goAML at the EU FIU Platform at the European Commission in Brussels in April
  • Successful meetings with the UNODC Office for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Region (OGCCR) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, where technical assistance between NESA and the RO was officialized and a joint programme for development with the GCC, NESA and the region was discussed


01 Feb 2016

UNODC ITS's Participation in the Egmont Meeting in Monaco. Particularly, Alain putting forward UNODC ITS's membership in IE-WG (Stream 4: Enhancing Data Analytics and Effective Communications), this new working group that is a product of a reorganization of the operating structure of the Egmont Group with the objective of improving development, cooperation, and sharing of expertise between FIUs on money laundering and terrorism financing. The objective is to propose a communications standard to improve information/intelligence exchange between FIUs. This is the ideal platform to further the scope and usage of goAML.


25 Jan 2016

  • New engagements on goAML with the German FIU: a delegation of the German FIU visited UNODC (GPML and ITS) for two days (25-26/01/2016) for a demonstration of goAML and discussions on the implementation process.
  • Mission to update NDS in France: the mission goal is to provide Member State with latest system update on NDS core application/updates in DB and deployment of NDS SPA (domestic trade tool) and provide hands on training to end user


11 Jan 2016

A scoping meeting was jointly conducted by GPML to the Holy See/Vatican City and Monaco in response to their requests for goAML deployments