08 March 2010

Egmont Working Group Meetings 1-5 March 2010

A representative from UNODC/ITS attended the Egmont Group Working Group meetings in Mauritius from 1-5 March 2010. An update of progress with goAML since the last meeting in 2009 was delivered and a number of new features of goAML was demonstrated to the members of the group, who expressed a high level of interest in the application. During the meeting, the Netherlands FIU reported positively on goAML and explained in some detail the impact the Dutch FIU expects goAML to have on the business of the FIU.

A similar presentation was also made to the Operations Working Group. The last presentation to the Operations Working Group sparked a discussion about data quality and how data validation can be automated so the presentation focused on the new XML validation rules editor which was actually demonstrated live. There was also interest expressed in the system's charting ability which provided a good opportunity to briefly demonstrate the new charting tool.