13 February 2009

goAML in Nigeria - Recent Developments

Since the installation of new management in NFIU the newest build of goAML has been installed. An extensive programme of training of new staff and retraining of existing staff, both analytical and IT, was jointly commenced by UNODC and NFIU and was recently completed. The new management of the NFIU and of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the host agency of the NFIU, have endorsed goAML as its only business solution and has immediately and successfully moved to further enforce compliance with the reporting requirements of Nigerian anti-money laundering laws and regulations and thus with the reporting schema of goAML.

goAML has essentially been re-launched in Nigeria and since then the number of transactions loaded to goAML has increased to 2.1 million. Due principally to the efforts of the new management of NFIU goAML is now performing impressively and most of the major banks in Nigeria are now submitting Cash Transaction Reports (CTR) via XML upload.

The NFIU analysts are now making full use of the analytical features of goAML and cases are flowing to the various investigative units of EFCC.

The Economical and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is a major user of goCASE and the goAML generated cases are now being uploaded to goCASE.