4 February 2009

Recent enhancements

The following enhancements, many as a result of the Austrac, Fintrac evaluation, have been added to goAML.

  • § The data loading capacity has been increased from 50,000 reports per day to 15 million reports per day.
  • § The general system performance has been further tuned to increase throughput by a minimum factor of 10
  • § A new layer for business rule based acceptance or rejection of submitted reports has been added.
  • § A new set of administrative and management reports to monitor and report on standard operating procedure driven efficiencies for handling STRs and Intelligence Cases has been added.
  • § The ability to manually load CTR, BCR and EFT reports has been added to the client and the Web Application.
  • § The catalogue search and lookup features for all fields have been enhanced.
  • § New lookup features to search by transaction number, transaction date range, value range and reporting institution have been added.
  • § A feature known as "virtual object" has been added. This feature allows analysts to create assumed identical lists, social networks, money laundering rings and make linkages of any seemingly disparate objects such as persons, accounts etc.
  • § The virtual object feature also includes the ability to retrieve transactions of any virtual object all at the same time whenever any member of the virtual object is involved in a new transaction.
  • § All transaction screens have been enhanced to indicate whenever a person, account or entity or party is a member of a virtual object.
  • The analyst is now able to freeze the layout of a diagram so that further layers are more easily identified and formatted.