2 February 2009

Interest in goAML continues to grow

Interest in goAML continues to grow as more FIUs looking for IT solutions for the first time or looking to replace or significantly upgrade existing solutions come to the realization that there simply are no "off the shelf" IT solutions, other than goAML, that are designed specifically for the specialized analytical, data collection, data management, reporting and regulatory mandates of FIUs. Essentially FIUs in this position have three choices. Continue with aging, expensive, dispersed and inefficient systems, attempt to build their own solution with the high cost and business risk factors involved in that undertaking or consider goAML. More and more are considering goAML, some after having gone down the "self-build" road and having learned some hard and very expensive lessons.

There is now widespread interest from throughout the world and in UNODC is fielding enquiries on a daily basis. In addition to The Netherlands and South Africa UNODC is currently in advanced talks and planning with FIUs of Bermuda, Cyprus, the Palestinian Authority.