17 November 2008

goAML Evaluation Report Available Online

In 2007, at the request of UNODC, the Information Technology Working Group (ITWG) of the Egmont Group agreed to evaluate goAML. UNODC's motivation for requesting this evaluation was to provide Financial Intelligence Units considering goAML as a possible IT solution with an objective and impartial appraisal of the software.

In 2008 the Australian Transactions Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) and the Financial Transactions Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) agreed to undertake the evaluation on behalf of the ITWG. In terms of their own IT systems and their experience of FIU IT development AUSTRAC and FINTRAC are recognised as being amongst the most sophisticated FIUs in the world.

UNODC is grateful to the ITWG of the Egmont Group and to the management, IT and analytical staff of AUSTRAC and FINTRAC for the considerable resources that they committed to this evaluation. UNODC feels that the evaluation report is objective and balanced and will provide valuable assistance to new FIUs looking for a comprehensive and cost effective IT solution and to existing FIUs looking to replace or upgrade their existing IT resources.

UNODC, AUSTRAC and FINTRAC are prepared to answer enquiries in relation to the evaluation and the report. Enquiries should be directed to the following addresses: UNODC - goaml@unodc.org : AUSTRAC - austrac_on_goaml@austrac.gov.au : FINTRAC - feedback-retroaction@fintrac-canafe.gc.ca

The evaluation report prepared by AUSTRAC and FINTRAC is now available online.