26 - 30 May 2008

Egmont Group Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Egmont Group was held in Seoul, Korea from 26 - 30 May 2008. Once again UNODC ITS was invited to attend the meeting specifically to update the IT Working Group (ITWG) on progress with the development and deployment of goAML. The UNODC representative at the meeting attended the ITWG meeting and delivered a report on progress with goAML and in particular informed the group of maintenance and support arrangements that are being put in place by UNODC ITS to support the deployment of goAML. goAML was also presented to a number of delegations attending the annual meeting. UNODC is grateful to the Egmont Group and to the ITWG in particular for its continued interest in and support of UNODC's IT initiatives. See above for news of the ITWG evaluation of goAML.